What Is Alcohol Addiction ?

Alcohol addiction means an inability to quit alcohol intake. Many people are used to take small amounts of alcohol on regular basis. This is not addiction. But if the alcohol consumption becomes so much that it becomes impossible for a person to carry out normal tasks without the consumption of alcohol, then it is an… Continue reading What Is Alcohol Addiction ?

Top Ten Signs You Might Be An Alcoholic

Alcoholism is a serious, fatal, progressive disease. Nevertheless, humor is often encountered in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. It helps to relieve tension and uplift spirits. Here’s an example of such humor, a collection of thoughts I’ve heard in AA meetings that could be thought of as the top ten signs you might be an alcoholic: Your… Continue reading Top Ten Signs You Might Be An Alcoholic

Practices to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important stage in a woman’s life. Certain habitual practices of a woman during pregnancy have a direct effect on the developing baby in the womb. This article lists practices that need to be avoided in order to keep the baby safe and healthy. Alcohol Consumption Consumption of alcoholic drinks… Continue reading Practices to Avoid During Pregnancy